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My Blog Has Moved…

moving blogs, moving, blog, lynne st. james, lynnestjames.comJust a quick post to let you all know that my blog has moved along with my website and can be viewed at:  All the fun will continue at the new location and the Monday Quotes, Wednesday Words and Friday Bucket List posts will all be there and continue on.

One important note is that if you’re an email subscriber (follower) to my blog you’ll still get the same notifications as before.  However, if you’re a follower you will only see the new posts in the Reader and not receive the email updates unless you go over to the new site and subscribe to my posts there.  I’m sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause, but in the long run it will be brilliant!

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Bucket List – Australia

koala bear, koala, australia, bucket list, lynne st. jamesThis week our bucket list destination is Australia, the land down under!  I have wanted to visit Australia for as long as I can remember, and it was long before the Crocodile Dundee movies came out. I think it was koalas that first sold me, being the teddy bear aficionado that I am.  Give me a break I as only ten!  But since then I’ve learned a lot about Australia and all the glorious places I’d want to visit like the Sydney Opera House, Ayers Rock and the 12 Apostles to name a very view.  But in order to have a trip like this I think I’d need to plan for at least a month. Australia is huge, and I’d want to tour the continent and see as much as possible.

Of course no trip to Australia would be complete without visiting the Great Barrier Reef.  The last time I snorkeled was in the Mediterranean and it was years ago, but snorkeling in the Reef would definitely be a dream come true.

One of the best things of Australia – at least for those in the northern parts of the US and all of Canada right now – may be that it’s summer there.  There is a reason it’s called “down under.”  And that is definitely a plus with the frigid temperatures we’ve been experiencing.  So in order to warm you all up let’s visit Australia today.

The Sights:

sydney opera house, sydney, australia, opera house, opera, bucket list

Sydney Opera House

great barrier reef, australia, natural wonder, marine life, fish, snorkle, bucket list

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

ayers rock, australia, outback, hiking, wilderness.

Ayers Rock

12 apostles, twelve apostles, marine park, australia, nature, wonder, bucket list

The 12 Apostles

kangaroo, animals, australia, native,

Watch out for the Kangaroos!

Philip Island, nature preserve, penguins, melbourne, australia, victoria

Philip Island Nature Preserve

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I hope this little taste of Australia has whet your desire for more.  I’m determined to visit this beautiful country and spend as much time as possible there to see it all.  I hope you all have a great weekend.  Next week we’re headed off to Greece.

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Bucket List – India

View master, view master reels, toy, lynne st. jamesTGIF! Today we’re going to India, it has been a travel destination of mine since the first time I looked through one of those View Master toys and saw a picture of the Taj Mahal on the 7 Wonders of the World reel.  I remember thinking how beautiful it was and how romantic the stories.  Yup, even when I was a little girl, I was a romantic at heart.

As I got older and learned more about how large and diverse India was and it added to my desire to travel there.  It’s a huge country, and there are several different languages spoken. I’ve learned from friends, that even other Indians don’t speak all the languages so they sometimes converse in English.taj mahal, india, wonder, amazing, bucket list, lynne st. james

The Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan in memory of his third wife,  Mumtaz Mahal, who died in childbirth in 1631.  Her death left him so heartbroken it’s said that his hair turned grey almost overnight.  Construction on the amazing structure began the following year and wasn’t completed until 1653.

india, bucket list, travel, temples, lynne st. jamesBesides the glorious Taj there are a multitude places of beauty and significance.  There are many Temples that are both historic and contemporary sacred architecture.  These temples draw inspiration from a variety of religious denominations. Many Hindu temples across the south are important places of pilgrimage.

If you’re into the metaphysical you can take a Yoga and Meditation trip.  Begun in India hundreds of years before it became popular worldwide, it helps center your soul and find your balance.  There are all kinds of tours that are offered which will leave you feeling refreshed and more in sync with your body.

food, locals, herbs, spices, flavors, india. lynne st. jamesBesides all there is to see you can’t forget the flavors.  Food is as varied as the terrain and as wonderful.  Whether you like sweets, or hot you’ll find it all.  From drinking coconut water from a coconut as you’re walking through the streets, or sitting down to an elaborate meal.     Just thinking about the lovely curries has my mouth watering for a taste.

I hope you enjoy our Bucket List Friday’s and today’s trip to India. I’d love to hear from y’all with some of your bucket list destinations. Next week we’re off to Australia – another far away place filled with wonder.

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Bucket List – Alaska

Juneau Sunset, mark kelley, alaska, sunsetThis week’s bucket list destination is Alaska.  Everyone I know who has ever gone — whether by land, sea or air — comes back and raves about what a wonderful trip it has been.  It definitely seems to be more than just a vacation trip and more like an experience, but then Alaska is America’s final frontier.

I’ve been doing some research and from what I’ve found here are some of the places you won’t want to miss when you visit Alaska:

Denali National Park

denali national park, dall sheep, sheep, alaska, bucket list, michael deyoung, Denali National Park is one of the most popular destinations and home to Mt. McKinley, the highest peak in North America.  Whether you’re going to visit the park by car, bus, air or raft it is one experience you won’t want to miss.  Denali is six million acres of untamed wilderness.  Wild animals, including bears, rams, bears and wolves wander through the park.  It is considered to be a place of peace and tranquility and from looking at the pictures I can understand why.

Mendenhall Glacier

mendenall glacier, matt hage, alaska, south east, tongass national park, bucket listMendenhall Glacier is located about twelve miles from Alaska’s capital, Juneau.  It is surrounded by ice and water and can be reached only by boat or plane. The glacier is twelve miles long and is visible from downtown Juneau.  It is located in the Tongass National Park and is one of southeastern Alaska’s most popular attractions.  The Visitor Center has been offering fireside chats since 1962, and they have children’s programs as well.

The Inside Passage

inside passage, orcas, whales, pods, alaska, bucket list, mark kelley, humpback whalesCruising to Alaska is one of the most popular vacations and you’ll travel the Inside Passage.  But if you don’t go by ship, you can still take a ferry ride along the biggest fjord in North America.  There are lots of options and the trip from Juneau to Skagway can take up to six hours.  If you’re visiting during the summer you’ll experience hundreds of waterfalls from the snow and glacial melt, and maybe even pods of whales and dolphins.

Alaska Art, Culture and History

totem, matt hage, culture, alaskan culture, history, art, native artisansNo trip to Alaska would be complete without learning about the state’s unique Native culture.  There are lots of opportunities to immerse yourself in the culture including  totem carving, Native dancing, the blanket toss, traditional music, crafts and festivals as well as cultural and historical museums,  and heritage centers. There are lots of options to explore the Alaskan Native culture including local artisans and some Russian iconography and museum exhibits.  With all the options you can experience as much or as little  history as you like.

Trips and Tours

anaktuvuk pass, alaska, bucket list, michael deyoung, natural beauty, mt. mckinley, If you’re not sure what to do for your trip to Alaska there are lots of options through cruise lines or even Alaska State websites offering different sites and tour information.  A few I’ve found helpful are listed below.

Travel Alaska –

Denali National Park –

Mendenhall Glacier – Targass National Park –

Fodor’s Travel –

Whenever and however I finally get to make my trip to Alaska I’m sure I’ll have memories to last a life time.  How knows, maybe I’ll even be brave enough to go in the winter time so I can see the Aurora Borealis!    Please join me for next week’s trip to India.

  ♥ ♥ ♥


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Bucket List – Paris, France

paris, eiffel tower, city, bucket list, lynne st. jamesToday’s stop on my travel bucket list is Paris, France. I have idolized it since I was young and watched movies like Gigi, An American in Paris, and then of course there was Sabrina!  I’ve dreamed of walking up the Champs Elysees, lourve, paris, museum, mona lisa, bucket list, lynne st. jameswatching the traffic circle the Arc de Triompe, seeing the Eiffel Tower and of course spending hours or days wandering through the Lourve.

arc de triomphe, paris, arc, bucket list, travel, lynne st. jamesBut what would Paris be without the parks, palaces and food?  I had a friend who spend one entire day only drinking champagne and eating cheese and chocolate from one place to another – how much fun would that be?  Of course we won’t talk about the calories involved.

Besides where to spend time in Paris the decision would be when to go.  Paris in spring time sounds the most romantic to me, but I’ve heard summer is the best time to go.

versailles, paris, palace, chateau, bucket list, lynne st. jamesBeyond Paris there are other sights in France I would like to see, like the Palace in Versailles and wine country.  So I’d have to save a few days of my trip to explore other parts of France.  By rail or car nothing is very far in Europe, which is definitely a benefit.

Have you been to Paris?  Is it on your bucket list?  Next week, we’re taking an “Alaskan Cruise.”


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Bucket List – Tuscany, Italy

The new year has brought a bunch of new “series” for my blog.  I’m happy to introduce you to Friday’s Bucket List and for the first “trip”  we’re going to Tuscany!

Tuscany has been a long time dream of mine, and I hope to make it there in the next year or two.  The wineries, the gorgeous scenery, the food, and the people.

Seeing movies like Love Actually, Letters to Juliet and Eat, Pray, Love only served to fuel the fire and cemented Tuscany firmly on the bucket list.

food, wine, tuscany, olive oil, bucket list, lynne st. jamesTaste Trail in the Val di Merse  — Gently rolling hills, olive groves, and vineyards!  What could be better?  This area is located in the southwestern part of the province of Siena between Tuscany and the Maremma coast.  It’s enclosed in the valleys of three rivers, the Merse, the Cecina and the Elsa.  Tell me you don’t want to hop on a plane right now too?

vineyards, olive oil, tuscany, italy, bucket list, lynne st. jamesWine Trail of the Pisa Hills — Through the Tuscan countryside filled with small downs and trails through farmlands, hills and valleys.  Just imagine riding a bike through this beautiful area.  Near the sea shore and more small towns with great wine and food.  There is definitely a pattern here right? Just about any time of year would bring a varied and beautiful landscape to enjoy.

olive oil, tuscany, tuscan, italy, florence, bucket list, lynne st. jamesOlive Oil Trail of Monti Pisani — This visit would take you through the Pisa Hills which divide the plains where the cities of Pisa and Lucca are located.  The trail itself would take you through the Pisa side including the towns of Buti, Calci San Guiliano Terme, Vecchiano and Vicopisano.  Besides olives, also grown in this area are chestnuts, mushrooms and honey is raised.

I’ve enjoyed my research for this little trip through Tuscany, and now my mouth is watering for more.  Next week we’re off to Paris…ooh la la!

I hope you’ll share some of your bucket list vacations – which of course will most likely add to my list!  But for now I must say Ciao!


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