Bucket List – Paris, France

paris, eiffel tower, city, bucket list, lynne st. jamesToday’s stop on my travel bucket list is Paris, France. I have idolized it since I was young and watched movies like Gigi, An American in Paris, and then of course there was Sabrina!  I’ve dreamed of walking up the Champs Elysees, lourve, paris, museum, mona lisa, bucket list, lynne st. jameswatching the traffic circle the Arc de Triompe, seeing the Eiffel Tower and of course spending hours or days wandering through the Lourve.

arc de triomphe, paris, arc, bucket list, travel, lynne st. jamesBut what would Paris be without the parks, palaces and food?  I had a friend who spend one entire day only drinking champagne and eating cheese and chocolate from one place to another – how much fun would that be?  Of course we won’t talk about the calories involved.

Besides where to spend time in Paris the decision would be when to go.  Paris in spring time sounds the most romantic to me, but I’ve heard summer is the best time to go.

versailles, paris, palace, chateau, bucket list, lynne st. jamesBeyond Paris there are other sights in France I would like to see, like the Palace in Versailles and wine country.  So I’d have to save a few days of my trip to explore other parts of France.  By rail or car nothing is very far in Europe, which is definitely a benefit.

Have you been to Paris?  Is it on your bucket list?  Next week, we’re taking an “Alaskan Cruise.”


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4 responses to “Bucket List – Paris, France

  1. Never been to Paris . it sounds exciting

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