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Wednesday Words with Aurora Clairmont

aurora clairmont, clairmont, The Starlet, romance, erotic romance, menage, siren-bookstrand, siren publishing, books, wednesday words, words.  debut author, authorWelcome to this week’s installment of Wednesday Words. Today I am happy to have debut author, Aurora Clairmont. Her first book, The Starlet, was recently released by Siren-Bookstrand.

The Interview:

Lynne St. James:  Aurora, can you tell us a little about your writing?

Aurora Clairmont:  This is my first novel, but I am not new to writing. I have been role-playing seriously for over eight years. When I say first novel, I mean first novel. I hadn’t written a book before at all. The first draft of my first book was accepted with minimal edits. I head hopped in a few sentences, so the rest was grammatical. Believe me, I am not perfect and am in fact a little lazy with my ‘casual’ words.

I like to write down the right words the first time. If that means stewing for a month and only creating the concept and outlining in my mind in order for it to flow, that is what I do. I finished writing half the book of The Starlet in about a month after stewing for several previously. Not stuck really, just sitting with it and thinking about what I wanted to do. I write in order from beginning to end, picking through what I wrote already as I move forward and planning for what I want to happen next.

I don’t want to talk too much about my real life, BUT! I do have an interesting link in with the topic for my book.


Lynne:  Can you give us some insight into Diana Winters, your heroine?  What makes her so special?

Aurora:  She is one of those naturally talented people who is also very down to earth and relatable. Think Jenifer Lawrence. Diana isn’t based on her per se, but she has that grace and ease. Except, when she falls it is generally due to her night blindness in lower lighting.


Lynne:  Is The Starlet going to be part of a series?  If so can you tell us about the series?

Aurora:  The Starlet is the very first book in the Set in the Old West series. The series setting is on the sets of western films and focuses on a group of actresses and actors who overlap into each other’s stories. There are five books planned, the first three take place during the filming of the film series that is kicked off in The Starlet. The final two books take place separately from the first three, but are all tied together by theme and recurring characters.


Lynne:  What are you working on now?  Can you tell us a little about it?

Aurora:  The Director is in the works. It is the second book in the Set in the Old West Series and features the ‘bad guy’ from the first book. Carolyn Cole, the director of the film series my story follows. She is a complicated woman and a bit of an anti-heroine. I am having a blast writing her and redeeming her character by unraveling the reason she is who she is and why she does what she does.


Lynne:  What do you find hardest about writing?  Easiest?

Aurora:  The hardest thing is pinning myself down. The easiest thing is that when I do sit down and write it just flows out. I like to stew over my ideas and get it right the first time I write it. Otherwise I fuss and obsess and end up wasting so much time reworking that if I had just waited and let it come to me I would have had more ideas. Better ideas.


Lynne:  Do you write more than one book at a time?

Aurora:  I have the next four books in this series ready to write. Not outlined, but I know where it starts, the resolution I want, who the characters are and their motivations. I just have to put it all together and see what happens. Let them tell me their story. I am going to focus on a book at a time, but whenever I have an idea for one of the others I write it down for when I can get to it.


Lynne:  What is your favorite color?

Aurora:  I don’t have a favorite color, but my favorite color combination is red and gold.


Lynne:  What are your favorite and least favorite foods?

Aurora:  I love ethnic food! Least favorite would have to be the spinach ice cream my dad used to tease me about.


Lynne:  What is your favorite Movie?  TV Show?  Book?

Aurora:  As far as how many times I have actually watched, seen and read it would have to be:  Disney’s Tangled, Pride and Prejudice Mini Series with Colin Firth and The Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind. Yes. I am all over the place. You should see my playlist!


Lynne:  What is your favorite curse word?

Aurora:  I don’t have one exactly. I like strange ones, made up ones and of course the classics can be very satisfying to say. Shakespeare came up with many an interesting insult.


The Blurb for The Starlet:

Starlet Diana Winters arrives on set of the Western she is starring in, completely naïve to the fact her world is about to be turned upside down when she meets her two handsome costars.

Jason Lance plays the sweet ranch hand Jimmy Wes, and the infamous Cody Hartley plays the Wild Red Samson.

When the camera turns on, so does she. Diana’s attraction to each is apparent and goes beyond her acting out her character’s feelings for each of theirs. Diana’s heart and body is torn between her two painfully handsome male leads. Each man has so much to offer, and she wants it all. Who will she choose? Does she really have to? A voice in the back of her mind is refusing to accept that as the only option.

Buy The Starlet from Siren-Bookstrand

How to Find Aurora Clairmont:





Once again I want to thank Aurora Clairmont for visiting with us for today’s Wednesday Words. I hope you’ll check out her brand new book The Starlet.


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Wednesday Words with AK Kinley

I’m very happy to have ManLove author, AK Kinley join us for the week’s Wednesday Words.  Tomorrow his latest book, Something Beautiful, will be released by Siren-Bookstrand.  Andrew was kind enough to stop by today to answer a few of my questions.

Meet Author AK Kinley

andrew k kinley, ak kinley, author, manlove, romance, loveLynne St. James: First off, thank you so much for joining us today and congratulations on your new book, Something Beautiful. Can you tell us where you got the idea for this story?

AK Kinley:  Thank you, Lynne. Also, thank you for having me as a guest today on your blog.

Something Beautiful began as a short story titled, Playboy28. The short was published on the ManLove Authors Website in July, 2013. During that summer, my partner and I were discussing publicly coming out that fall. With that realization, I decided to turn Playboy28 into a full-length book, including the short story as the prologue. There is not a great deal of literature written about transgender characters, particularly gay transmen such as myself. I wanted to show a transgender hero in a real situation of life and love.


Lynne:  Do you base any of your stories on parts of your life?

Andrew:  I infuse not only my stories, but characters, with small bits and pieces of myself and parts of my life. Still yet, my characters are original creations.


Lynne:  Who would you say is the one person outside of your family that influenced your life the most?

Andrew:  A university professor, which I studied under, once said that institutional marks hold little value in the true knowledge that an individual holds. He believed that an educated person was one who, ten years from now, would be able to meet him at a sidewalk Paris bistro, sit down for a cup of espresso, and have an intelligent conversation about life. His classes weren’t the usual stylized lectures, but interactive experiences between teacher and student, where ideas and theories were discussed as a group. Formal exams were not given, as he preferred to assign grades based on student opinions and interpretations of the material. As a result, I believe that this professor taught others to think outside of the box, nothing is as it seems, and to quote him, “the woes of tortured academic matters.”


Lynne:  When you’re writing, do your characters ever surprise you? If so, do you allow them to have their way with the story or do you try to reign them in?

Andrew:  My characters write their own lives, or so to speak. While I provide them with literary direction, they ultimately make their own decisions. Once an idea for a book begins to form, I feel compelled to see it through to completion. The characters that I write about demand that their stories be told as uniquely as they are forming in my memory.


Lynne:  What has been the hardest part of being an author? When did you first realize it was your calling?

Andrew:  I don’t believe I ever had an epiphany that writing was my calling. I began my career as a freelance journalist and photographer, and became a ManLove erotic romance author in November, 2012 upon the publication of my first book Ripped with Siren-BookStrand Publishing. So, in a sense, I’ve always been a writer, in one form or another.


Lynne:  Which of your books is your favorite, and why?

Andrew:  My favorite book is my upcoming release, Something Beautiful. The story is complex, intense, and mysterious, but tender and passionate. All of which are traits that I use to describe myself.


Lynne:  Have you ever learned anything from your characters?

Andrew:  I have learned that love and eroticism are two very important and powerful emotions that drive not only my characters, but my style of writing as well. In their purest forms, I have seen those concepts transform my characters into better individuals.


Lynne:  Do you spend a lot of time on research for your books?

Andrew:  To date, all of my books have been set in Arkansas, my home state. The individual towns are either places I have lived or visited. This has helped in terms of setting descriptions. As far as character occupations, I have spent some time in research. However, ninety-percent of any story that I create focuses on the romance between the characters. I try to make setting and occupational descriptions more of a secondary aspect.


Lynne:  Have you ever gone back and read one of your books and wished you could change it?

Andrew:  I try not to go back and read any of my books in their entirety. As I continue to grow as a writer, I am almost certain that I would find flaws, as any of us would, within my words.


Lynne:  Do you have a favorite author? A favorite book?

Andrew:  I consider poets to be authors. I am fond of the Romantic Poets: Wordsworth, Keats, Bryon, Coleridge, and Shelley. The favorite works among them would be far too many to list.


Lynne:  Do you ever get writer’s block? If so, how do you deal with it?

Andrew:  I get writer’s block all the time. In addition, I am a slow writer. My theory for coping is when a story is ready to be told I will write it. I cannot force the process.


Lynne:  Do you have any routine for writing, like listening to certain music, or total quiet, snacks, etc.?

Andrew:  I like routines, but I also enjoy spontaneity. I’ve written under different circumstances and surroundings so it would be hard to pinpoint just one.


Lynne:  What advice would you offer to new authors?

Andrew:  The first step is getting published. The next? Promote, promote, promote! Also when writing, don’t be afraid to share your thoughts. There will be people out there who respect you, not only for your ideas, but for your honesty.


Lynne:  Can you share with us what you’re working on now?

Andrew:  All of my upcoming WIP are ManLove erotic romances. They include the second book in the Rock Stars series, which continues the story of the 80’s style glam band, Rock Hard. In addition, I am writing Midnight Angel. This title will explore the story of two men, both angels, and the love they had experienced for fifty thousand years. Finally, I am working on The Confessional. Father Anthony Rossi has created a world of romantic fantasy in the hopes that it will be enough to satisfy his desires for a romantic relationship with another man.

Something Beautiful – The Blurb:

ak kinley, kinley, something beautiful, manlove, siren, romance, book, release, love, menage,

Warning:  This book is for mature audiences only and contains scenes of double anal penetration. 

Transman, Reed Collins and his partner, Levon Kruger, an openly gay drummer for the heavy metal band Hardcore, have been in a committed relationship for eight months. The couple is continuing to explore the love and passion that began in an online chat program a year ago. Recently, they further defined that commitment as a marriage.

While on their honeymoon, Avery Gaines walks into their lives in what he calls, “a chance meeting.” The couple is immediately attracted to the tall, dark-haired stranger, with deep green eyes. Reed is the first to admit his love for Avery, but Levon holds his emotions in check. Avery wants the trio to share love and a commitment, not readily understanding Levon’s reservations.

The romantic triangle goes through a period of conflict and turmoil, until Levon finally reveals a promise that he made to Reed, and how loving Avery would call into question the very foundation of the marriage he shares with his partner.

Something Beautiful – The Trailer:


Where to find AK Kinley:

Andrew K Kinley’s Webpage

Andrew K Kinley’s Blog

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Andrew K Kinley on Manic Readers 

I want to thank you again, Andrew, for joining us today.  I hope you all will take the time to check out his new release Something Beautiful.  If you have any questions Andrew will be with us today to answer them.

  ♥ ♥ ♥

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Wednesday Words with Avery Gale and the Prairie Winds Girls

Masters of the Prairie Winds Club, Prairie Winds Club, Saving Grace, Avery Gale, fantasy, erotic romance, authorWe have a special treat today for Wednesday Words! Not only do we have the talented Avery Gale with us to talk about her latest release, Saving Grace, but she brought along some of her “crew” from the Prairie Winds Club! Bonus! If you haven’t read any of Avery’s books you’re missing out. But rather than me going on about them, let’s get this party started!  Oh but one more thing.  The girls convinced Avery to give away a copy of Saving Grace.  So don’t forget to leave a comment to be entered for a chance to win!  ***Oh you are all so lucky!  Avery will give you the choice of either Saving Grace now or Jen’s Journey the day before it’s released to everyone else.  It will be winners choice!  How cool is that?  So don’t forget to leave a comment for your chance to win.***

Meet Avery and “The Girls”

Lynne:  I’m chatting with the wild and wacky women from Avery Gale’s Masters of the Prairie Winds Club.  They’ve agreed to answer a few questions and there are several things I’m curious about, so let’s get started.   Lilly, you have made the comment that you found Tobi for your sons, what do you mean by that?

Lilly:  Oh honey, I mean exactly that.  I was in the editor’s office at Austin Home magazine when this petite blonde ball of energy stormed in ranting and raving about my sons not returning her calls.  Of course she didn’t know who I was and that was what made it so perfect.  She was absolutely right, they had been avoiding her, but I knew in an instant she was perfect for them.  From that point on it was just about arranging things.

Lynne:  So you arranged it for them to meet?

(Libby West starts to answer but is steamrolled by her dynamic daughter-in-law)

Tobi:   Well, not exactly.  She made sure Kent called me.  My meeting Kyle on the highway was just a comedy of errors.  Basically the normal chaos that seems to follow me around.

Lynne:   Gracie, yours is the next story in the series.  Are you nervous people reading all those juicy and intimate details of your private life?

Gracie:  Well, a few months ago I would have been that’s for sure.  But after becoming romantically and sexually involved with two Doms and making friends with these women, I’ve managed to overcome almost all of my shyness.

Tobi:  That is such a crock.  She still blushes every time she opens a box of vibes or just about anything else for the Forum Shops.

(With a look of mock disapproval to Tobi and a sly grin at Gracie, Lilly responds)

Lilly:  Tobi, be kind.  She opened a box of condoms the other day and only got slightly pink.

(All the women break out in the giggles and it takes several minutes to restore some measure of decorum.)

Lynne:  Gracie, I know from reading the first book of the Masters of the Prairie Winds series that you aren’t really that shy, so I don’t understand why it’s an issue.

Gracie:  Well, I’m like a lot of other people, I think.  I’m more than willing to really get in your face about certain things, for example when Micah was asking our neighbors and the building super about Tobi the night of the fire?  Oh yeah, it was game on baby.  But then the rest of the time I feel held back by my lack of social experience.  You have to remember, up until recently, I led a very sheltered adult life because I was always hiding from Raphael.  Hiding means you don’t go out and interact with people your age much because you want to lay low.  And without a lot of social exposure, I didn’t get a chance to become bold in other areas…well, until now.  My hotties encourage me to learn something new every day and they almost always check on it.  But you know, they empower me to take chances and learn, because I know they are always there to catch me.  And really, to tell you the truth the sex is so amazing, who wants to even think about not exploring.  (By now Gracie’s face is absolutely crimson and she is giggling like a school girl.)

Tobi:    You just watch…this has “Tobi’s fault” written all over it.  I’m gonna take the blame for “The Fall of Grace” you just watch and see.  Hell, I’ll probably get my ass paddled.  And I better like it too or I’m gonna be pissed.  Shit.  I swear I’m hopeless on this no cursing thing.  Frack, we really should have scheduled this interview someplace besides the club.  I’m so busted.

Lynne:  For those not yet familiar with the Club can you take us on a tour?

Tobi:   Sure.  The top floor of the main building is where I live with my two hottie hubbies.  The rest of the building is devoted to the club itself, including a large area for socializing.  The bar and dance floor are in what we call the main lounge.  That is where members can meet to negotiate scenes or just catch up with each other.  There are several demonstration-exhibition-punishment stages.  I’ve discovered what they are called depends on whether you are a Dom or a sub…and whether or not you’re in trouble.

(The room erupts into fits of laughter.  Finally Regi speaks up.)

Regi:  And we don’t want to forget about the new Forum Shops.  They were added at the back of the club and house all sorts of wonder small shops featuring specialty items for our club members.  And I’m telling you, there are some really incredible things in those shops.  Our club members are thrilled to be able to actually look at merchandise before buying and the personally fitted corsets have been a huge hit.

Mary:  Says you!  Masters Ash and Dex think it is just a-okay to cinch me up like a Thanksgiving turkey in those things.  Holy crap I could barely breathe last time.

Noelle:  This from our resident pain slut.  Until I see you weaving on our feet sister, you aren’t getting any sympathy from me.

Mary(Looking anything but contrite.)  Like I’d expect any sympathy from a hard-nose prosecutor.

Lynne:  Gracie, can you tell us a little about what it’s like to be with two hotties like Jax and Micah?

Gracie:  Well, like I said, the sex is amazing.  I don’t think my imagination will ever be able to come up with something they haven’t already mentioned.  But they have been very patient with me because they know my background.  It was Jax’s patience the first night I came to the club that won me over.  But I still say, the best thing is the way they push me to be more today than I was yesterday and I think readers will see that in my story.

Lynne:  I think we need to get Avery in here too.  Since she plays such a key part in getting y’all to tell your stories.   So Avery, what’s next for the Prairie Wind Club, can you give us a hint?

Avery:  Absolutely.  The third book is Jen’s Journey and it follows the story of a young woman that Jax considers another sister.  She is patterned off of a very real young woman who is every bit as bold and adventurous as her fictional counterpart.  Book three has been finished and is in my editors hands, and I don’t have a release date or cover to share yet…sorry.     But I would like to thank each and every one of my readers!  It is their kind words and support that make writing so much fun, and I want them to know how much they are appreciated!

Lynne:  Thank you all for coming today.  This has been a blast! I can’t wait to read your story Gracie and I’m already anxiously awaiting Jen’s story next.  Y’all are welcome back anytime!

Saving Grace, Masters of the Prairie Winds Club, Avery Gale, author, erotic romance, romance, western, fantasyThe Blurb for Saving Grace – Masters of the Prairie Winds Club 2

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences.  Contains wording and actions some may deem offensive.  Sexually explicit content.  Ménage – MFM

In book two of Masters of the Prairie Winds Club: When Gracie comes to Micah Drake’s attention he believes he has just met the woman he and his best friend Jax McDonald have been looking for—even though the curvy Latin bombshell is nothing like any other woman they have ever shared, he knows she is perfect for them.

Gracie is on the run and when her past catches up with her it takes the entire Prairie Winds Club security team, plus one very unlikely ally to keep her safe.

Where to Buy:


All Romance e-Books

Barnes & Noble

JK Publishing


How to Find Avery Gale:

Twitter:   @avery_gale


Email Avery

Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Profile

Word Press Blog

Once again I’d like to thank Avery Gale and her “Girls” for joining us today for a fun-filled interview. Saving Grace, Masters of the Prairie Winds Club 2 sounds amazing and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it.  Also, don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win your very own copy of Saving Grace or a copy of Jen’s Journey, the day before it’s released!

  ♥ ♥ ♥


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Wednesday Words with KD Jones

Katieran prime celebration, celebration, katieran prime, kd jones, author, jk publishing, sci fi, romance, sci-fi, Please join me in welcoming sci-fi romance author, KD Jones, to today’s Wednesday Words. I’m so excited to have her with us to talk with us about her Katieran Prime Series and the latest book, Katieran Prime Celebration.

KD and I talked about books and writing.  I learned some new things about her, and I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did chatting with KD.  Oh and as a very special surprise KD has offered to give away the complete set of the Katieran Prime series to one lucky commenter today!  So don’t forget to leave a comment.

The Interview:

Lynne St. James:  As an author, having your readers beg for more stories has to be an  amazing feeling!  But I’m curious, how did you get the initial idea for  the Katieran Prime series?
KD Jones:  I love reading.  Have always loved to read and to make up my own stories since I was a child. While in between reading books and waiting for new releases, I thought about what I would like to read about.  The answer was hot, sexy, aliens that growl when they are turned on.
Lynne:  Now that you’ve decided to continue with it, where do you see the  series going in the future?
KD:  There are now 3 alien planets that will have characters needing their stories told.  There will be an introduction to a new threat that will keep the momentum going.
Lynne:  I know this was your first series.  What prompted you to start writing?
KD:  I have been creating stories before I could write them down.  It was always a life long dream but I never thought that I could do it.  Then two years ago after my separation with my ex-husband, I said to myself, “Why not try.”  I did and loved it.  I felt for the first time in my life I was doing what I was always meant to do.
Lynne:  Do you have a specific writing process?  Do you plot out your books  or are you more of a go where the story tells you?
KD:  I am laughing right now because all the authors at JK Publishing Inc. know that I do not do anything without an outline.  It keeps me focused and even if things are moved around and changed, I know where my story is supposed to go.  If someone messed up my outline it would probably make my head explode.
Lynne:  When you read, do you read in your same genre, or something totally different?
KD:  I read a lot of different genres.  In between books I will sometimes pick a book outside of my genre to read because it kind of cleans the slate and prepares me for the next book I have to write.
Lynne:  If you could be any character in your books which one would it be, and why?
KD:  There are two characters that I love from my two different series but I admire them for the same reasons. One is Captain Jaxon Malone from the Katieran Prime Series and Zara from the Galactic Cage Fighter Series. Both are strong and independent women.  Maybe they are a little rough around the edges, but they have hearts of gold.  They will fight to the death to protect those they love.
Lynne:  Who is your favorite character you’ve written?
KD:  Zen from the last Galactic Cage Fighter book that I released.  He is proof that you cannot judge a book by its cover, which is funny because that is what we do as readers.  But Zen has a lot more to him and he is what I would look for in a man.
Lynne:  What are you working on now? Do you have any new series in the works?
KD:  I am working on the first book of a brand new series called Inter-Galactic Bounty Hunters.  It of course will have hot and sexy alien bounty hunters.  I am very excited about this new series and I hope my readers will enjoy it as well.
Lynne:  Is there any author who has influenced your or that you look up to  as a mentor?
KD:  My favorite all time authors are Christine Feehan, Laurann Dohner, and J.R. Ward.  I feel like these three authors have really helped show me the kind of writer I want to be.  Maybe one day I will inspire others too.
Lynne:  What makes Katieran Prime Celebration 7.5 so special?
KD:  Katieran Prime was my very first series that I published. It has been my baby. As a proud mama I have watched how the series has grown over the last two years. It is now in a new  place in the story and where many series with 7 books would normally  end, I am pleased to say that this one will be continuing on. I have  been blessed with great co-workers and equally fantastic and loyal fans. The 7.5 book was actually requested by my readers. First book I have ever done per request.

The Blurb:

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences.  Contains language and actions some may deem offensive.  Sexually explicit content.  MF

In book 7.5 of the Katieran Prime Series: It has been over a month since one of the Morin transport ships went through the wormhole.  Without the exact coordinates, it will take the Morins possibly months to locate Earth.  Earth is not ready to face this kind of threat, so the leaders of the four nations of Earth, Katiera, Kiljor, and the Colonial Planet begin to make their plans in a joint effort to eliminate the threat once and for all.

Along with the plans to handle the Morin threat, a celebration is being planned that will hopefully unit all four nations even more—the End of Year Celebration.  Though the celebration is not what the Katieran males are used to, they would do anything to please their bond mates.

Revisit Katiera and all the characters you have come to know and love.  See where they are now and what is happening in their lives.  Join in with their celebration.  Find out what is next for the alliance of nations.

Also as a special treat, the Katieran Culture Guide Book is included.

The Trailer:

Where to Buy the Book and Series:

Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Katieran-Prime-Celebration-Book-7-5-ebook/dp/B00IRKFUOG/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1393944021&sr=1-1&keywords=katieran+prime+celebration

Barnes & Noble:  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/katieran-prime-celebration-kd-jones/1118852559?ean=2940149420445

JK Publishing:  http://shop.jkpublishingbooks.com/Katieran-Prime-Celebration-EPUB-KatieranPrimeCelebrationEPUB.htm

Allromance:  https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-katieranprimecelebration-1441233-340.html

How to Find KD Jones:

Website:  www.authorkdjones.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/kdjonesauthor

Amazon Author Page:  http://www.amazon.com/KD-Jones/e/B0086FP8SU/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1

KD, I’d like to once again thank you for visiting today on Wednesday Words.  I’m really looking forward to reading all about the new planets and the new bounty hunter series.  Looks like my TBR pile is going to be growing by leaps and bounds!  And I’m sure your fans will join me in thanking you for writing  Katieran Prime 7.5.  Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win the complete Katieran Prime Series!

♥ ♥ ♥


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Wednesday Words with Gracie Meadows

covered by bubbles, heels for hire, gracie meadows, jk publishing, erotic romance, book Please help me welcome author Gracie Meadows for this edition of Wednesday Words.  Gracie has several books out with JK Publishing, but today she joins us to introduce us to her new series, Heels for Hire.  The first book, Covered by Bubbles, will be released on Thursday, February 27th.

Gracie Meadows has a wonderful way of spinning her tales and if you haven’t read any of her books yet you’re definitely missing out.  I asked Gracie if she would share with us how she came up with the idea for this series and the first book — Covered by Bubbles.

The Idea – Heels for Hire Series

Many people look at this and wonder how I came up with the concepts and characters, and I thought, how could I not. I have always loved cop books, and find it fun to stay just on the outside of the law a bit with detectives, because let’s face it, they get all the cool gadgets.  While playing with this idea I wanted it to be run by  women, but not just any women, but women who are kick-ass now and take your name later type. I have certain friends that say and or do things just like this. So I mimicked the heroine to fit them. (Kinda nervous once they read it, about how much I put in about them too.) But in the end, it left me with a book that is funny, action packed, and sexy as hell. What more could you ask for in a book…oh that’s right Bubbles!

covered by bubbles, heels for hire, gracie meadows, jk publishing, The Blurb: Covered by Bubbles

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences.  Contains language and actions some may deem offensive.  Sexually explicit content.  Ménage – MFM

In book one of Heels for Hire, Inc.:  Brandie “Bubbles” Anderson is always alert and ready to take any case head on.  However, when a case she is involved in crosses over with the local PD’s, Brandie finds herself working with two cops who threaten her independence.

Chance and Dylan have been friends since the beginning days at the academy and now are partners at the Ridgeville Police department.  After a series of thefts take place involving the elite citizens in the area, and with the mayor breathing down their Chief’s back, he hires a private investigation service to help.  What the men didn’t expect was for their new partner to be a kickass—take names later, bubbly blonde.

Bubbles must work with the men to solve the case quickly before anything else comes up missing—including her heart.  The case takes on a new meaning when a connection is found with one of the players.  A simple case becomes Bubbles nightmare, leaving her holding another’s fate in her hands.  Will the men rescue her in time, or will they enter only to be covered by Bubbles?

An Excerpt:

“Don’t scream, if you do I will slit your fucking throat.  We are going to have a little fun, you and I.”  She wasn’t able to turn, but she could see the man through the reflection on her car window, and the knife sparkled from the light of the sun.  Bubbles didn’t panic, but now she wished she hadn’t disconnected the mic to the girls.  She stumbled back with the man as he started to pull her to a side alley that was blocked by the sun, creating a dark deserted area, perfect for assholes like this one to take unsuspecting women.  There was one thing this asshole didn’t know—she was not some helpless woman.  She was raised with all men after her mother died in a car accident.  Her father was military and she had three older brothers, who right now were in various locations.  Needless to say, she learned to shoot and fight better than most men.  She just needed the perfect opportunity, and unfortunately next to her car was not one.  Looking around, she saw the ground was uneven.  Thank you, Rainbow, for the heels, and I promise to buy you a new pair.  She found a small crack and dug her heel in, making him jerk when she couldn’t move.  He let go of her to grab her boot and lift it out of the hole, and that is when she made her move.

Bubbles brought her other knee to the man’s nose, making him cry out as blood started to spray her shoes.  Bringing her hands together, she struck him in the middle of his back, bringing him down to the ground with a thud.  The guy dropped the knife, and she quickly kicked it away, then grabbed hold of his arms and twisted them behind his back.  The man yelled in pain as Bubbles pushed her knee into his back trying to keep him in place.  The man started yelling numerous curse words that she could almost guarantee he couldn’t spell.  She reached over and tried to grab her purse to call the girls, and to call the police, but at the same time the man kicked back, bucking her off and she slipped off him.  Fucking dress.  She couldn’t move in the damn thing.

Tumbling back, she scrambled to the ground trying once again to reach her purse, which had her phone and gun.  She never left home without both of them.  The man jumped and reached for his knife, coming at her just as she reached for her gun.  He froze when he saw her shiny Glock pointed right at his dick.  Yeah, asshole, move and I will blow your pencil dick into a million pieces, it would only make this day a whole lot better.  Keeping her eyes on his, he moved and she kept pace with him with her gun as she twisted and turned on her ass to try to stay with him.  She could feel her ass getting scrapped up from the cement, but it was nothing compared to knowing the asshole would have no issues putting a knife in her.  Keeping her eyes right on him, she steadied herself.

“Looks like we are at an impasse, asshole.  I say put down the knife before you hurt yourself or I put a bullet in your dick.”  She thought maybe rationalizing with him would help, but nope, he seemed a little desperate at that point.  Blood still poured out of his nose, which was obviously broken.

“I don’t think so, bitch.  You fucking broke my nose, and now I’m gonna fuckin’ gut you.”  Just then he lunged and she fired.  She was comfortable with her gun, but even the blowback pushed her a little on the ground and the asshat fell to the ground screaming as he dropped the knife and held on to his now blown off dick.

Scrambling to her feet, she pulled her phone out while she kept the gun pointed at the asshole, but before she could punch the number, another gun pointed at her.

“Freeze, police, drop the gun.”  Fuck, this is all she needed.  Putting her hands up, she turned to see two cops with their guns drawn on her.  Do they really think I am the bad guy? 

“My name is Brandie Anderson, I’m a private detective for Heels for Hire, Inc.

The Trailer:

I want to thank Gracie Meadows one more time for visiting with us today.   This book and series looks to be incredibly fun and very hot.  Don’t forget it comes out tomorrow, February 27th at all your ebook retailers.  If we’re lucky it might even be available later today so don’t forget to check for Covered by Bubbles, book 1 in the Heels for Hire series.


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Wednesday Words with Willow Brooke on Cabin Fever

I’m so excited to have Willow Brooke join me for this week’s Wednesday Words, and I can’t wait to hear more about her latest book, Cabin Fever.  Here’s Willow…

cabin fever, willow brooke, jk publishing, romanceI want to give a huge hug and big thank you to Ms. Lynne for having me!  Writing Cabin Fever was a breath of fresh air.  I wanted something simple that I could relax and enjoy, and not have to stress over getting specifics perfect.  After I finished, I almost regretted not making a series to elaborate on the other sexy as sin cowboys who were included in the book, but may do a few stand alone spin offs sometime in the future and give them each their own hot and heavy romance.

Justin and Jammi are characters like no other.  Justin is an ass… plain and simple.  But, under his tough gruff arrogance is a soft smooshy teddy bear needing love.  Jammi is a scorned woman with a good head on her shoulders and a weakness for men in tight Levi’s.  What could possibly go wrong? Lol.

While thinking of a location, for some reason a cabin in the woods is always more appealing to me than an apartment in a busy city.  I am a country girl through and through, and think it would be the most romantic to be snowed in with someone as drool worthy as Justin!

willow brooke, cabin fever, jk publishing, brooke, sexy, cabin, love,


Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences.  Contains language and actions some may deem offensive.  Sexually explicit content – MF

A betrayal from the two people closest to her sends Jammi Price on the road to only place she ever experienced solace-  A cabin her late aunt left to her.  After a slick winter road and a long walk in the rain, Jammi finds herself face to face with Mr. Sexy Cowboy.

Justin Henshall is no stranger to having life turned upside down.  When his world fell apart, Mrs. Price stepped in, providing the love, comfort, and security to make him the man he currently was.  After her death, Justin is hell bent on keeping the only place he ever felt safe.

One trip in the snow and a broken ankle later, Justin is forced to step up and take care of the little spitfire he so tried to avoid.  Instead of the stuck up spoiled brat he had anticipated, he begins to see the true beauty she is, cracking the wall around his heart.

A friendly poker game with his childhood buddies pushes him to claim what is his—Jammi.  When clothes start to fly, Justin takes matters into his own hands and gives her a night filled with wild passion, laying his cards on the table.  But…is it all just a huge bluff?

When romance begins to bloom, will Justin be able to keep all he holds dear, or will Jammi be able to show him home is where the heart is?

You can find Cabin Fever or any of Willow’s books on her Amazon author page.  http://www.amazon.com/Willow-Brooke/e/B00EUBSZPW/

 Where to find Willow:

Website: www.willowbrooke.weebly.com

Email: willowbrookebooks@gmail.com

Twitter: @Willow_Brooke_

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/willow.brooke.75

Blog: www.after-dark-writers.webs.com


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Wednesday Words with Bryce Evans

I’m so happy to introduce you to to author Bryce Evans this week. Bryce writes in the paranormal romance genre and currently has released five books with JK Publishing.

nominee, 2014 menage fan award, twice bitten and bewitched, lynne st. jamesThis week the 2014 nominees were announced for the Menage Romance Fan Awards and Bryce has been nominated.  She is so deserving and if you’d like to vote for her you can do so at Mary’s Ménage Whispers Blog.

And now, here’s a little about Bryce…

Bryce Evans, paranormal romance, paranormal, romance author, jk publishing

Her Life:

After working many years as a police officer, Bryce Evans needed another outlet in her life. Reading Fantasy was her passion but writing was her dream. Giving a once in a lifetime opportunity, Bryce sat down and wrote her first book.

The Trinity: The Ashland Pack was published in January 2013 and the beginning of a new career was born. You can always find some type of law enforcement aspect linked in her books where two of her passions continue to thrive inside of her stories.

Her Books:

Healing Their Mate, bryce evans, jk publishing, paranormal, shifters,

Healing Their Mate

River Channing is on the run from Vampire Paddock Reed.  Finding out that Vampires exist makes River doubt everything she knows in life. In order to stay one step ahead of the vampires, River must travel from one job to another to survive. Driving from state to state, River finds her way to Freedom, Colorado and gets a job at the Meadowland Lodge where she befriends the owners mate Ash Wilder. Being the Detective she is, Ash digs into River’s past and finds out that she is on the run from someone.  Finding a newspaper clipping in River’s pocketbook, Ash learns that women have been murdered and drained of all their blood.  Ash calls in some help from her Uncle, Vampire Reece Ramsey, and Alpha of the new shifter Unit Jonas Glenn.

One sniff of her scent and the Alpha’s know that River is their mate. When River finds out that the Lodge is owned and operated by the Wilder Pack, she wants to run again. Together they learn that River isn’t just human, but a Healer with magic that can cure the sick and heal the injured.  But can her Mates and new friends keep River safe from the vampires who want her blood or will she have to run to save them all.

once forgotten twice loved, forgotten, loved, bryce evans, jk pubishing

Once Forgotten Twice Loved

Ashland Peters is a Detective with the New York Police Department.  She is sent to a training class at the Meadowland Lodge in Colorado where her childhood friend Werewolf Nash Porters lives and works along with his pack.  They’ve been friends since they were six years old and sent to the same orphanage.  When they were old enough to leave on their own, Nash received what he had wanted his whole life and Ashland went to follow a dream.  Separated for years by distance they finally get the chance to see each when she is sent to the Colorado for training.

Once Ash arrives, she meets sexy werewolf Alpha Larken Wilder who owns the Meadowland Lodge.  From the moment Larken sees Ash, he knows she is his mate.  However, problems seem to follow Ash and it turns out no different in Colorado, when the Sheriff has a problem with his brother’s mate.  It’s the Alpha’s only chance for happiness, but Ash doesn’t know if she is right for the man, she doesn’t want to come between him and his brother.

When young girls are kidnapped from the neighboring packs, Ash’s help is needed.  Ash finds herself working with not one Alpha but with a team of them, if they are to save the young girls from a Rogue wolf and his pack.  As they solve the mystery, Ash finds answers to questions she’s had her whole life.

Her Contact Info:

Bryce’s Website:  http://www.bryceevans.webs.com

Bryce’s Email:  bryceevans12@gmail.com

Bryce’s Amazon Page:  http://www.amazon.com/Bryce-Evans/e/B00B7QX9UY/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1390944278&sr=8-2-ent

Bryce’s Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/bryce.evans.71868

Bryce’s JK Publishing Page:  http://www.shop.jkpublishingbooks.com/Bryce-Evans-Books_c221.htm


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