Vampires of Eternity Series

Twice Bitten and Bewitched – Book 3

twice bittenand bewitched, vampires, gypsies, curses, magic, witches, lupus, love, erotic, paranormal, menage, lynne st. james

Twice Bitten and Bewitched Cover Art by Harris Channing

Selena Blake’s life has gotten a lot more complicated since reuniting with Bree, her childhood friend. Diagnosed with lupus and told she only has a few months to live, she is focused on only one thing—to help Bree save her father.

Max Golitsin and Xander Rostov have been through their own hell. First turned and then captured, they had to flee for their lives from Russian peasants. Then they spent over a century searching for their mate.

Arriving at Eternity to help with the new club, they meet Selena and realize she is the mate they’ve been searching for. Now they have to convince her, and that won’t be so easy.

While trying to protect her, they push her right into danger. When evil forces and her illness threaten to end her life, they have to make some difficult choices. Will they be able to get to her in time to save her life? Or will they have to make the ultimate sacrifice?

Note: While Twice Bitten and Bewitched is a stand-alone title, it is suggested that this series be read in order for continuity.

vampires, menage, selena, max, xander, twice bitten and bewitched, lynne st. james


Twice Bitten to Paradise– Book 2

twice bitten to paradise, vampires, gypsies, magic, curses, lynne st. james

Twice Bitten to Paradise Cover art by Christine Kirchoff

Brianna McKenzie worked hard to hide her past, but when she comes face-to-face with the gypsy at the opening of Eternity, her world turns upside down. Rafael Verratti and Lucian Carpino felt the connection as soon as they met Bree. But they know that convincing her isn’t going to be easy.

Luc and Rafe aren’t the only ones who want Bree. The gypsy tries to steal her, and then a friend from her past calls to say that her father is missing. Bree decides that in order to protect the ones she cares about she’ll have to confront her past and deal with her monsters.

Rafe and Luc follow Bree to protect her but are furious and leave when she shares her dark secret. It’s then that she realizes her true feelings for them. Will Luc, Rafe, and Bree be able to accept the secrets and save themselves from curses, witches, and gypsy magic to spend Eternity together?

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Twice Bitten Not Shy– Book 1

vampires, gypsies, love, erotic romance, book 1, eternity series, lynne st. james

Twice Bitten Not Shy Cover by Christine Kirchoff

Gwendolyn Harris has no idea what she is getting involved in when Sebastian Ashford and Christian St. John hire her event planning company, An Affair to Remember, for the grand opening of their new club.

For the last few years Gwen has done nothing but work to make her business a success. But when she looks into the haunting eyes of Christian and Sebastian, she wonders if her fantasies are about to become reality. Her ex-husband decides they are a danger to her and is determined to keep her away from them.

Sebastian and Christian had been searching for the key to their curse for hundreds of years. When they realize that danger has followed them to town, they know they don’t have a lot of time. Their hearts tell them that Gwen is their one, but can they convince her before it’s too late?

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