Anamchara Series

Coming soon from JK Publishing…

embracing her desires, anamchara, book, paranormal, shifters, faeries, celtic, magic, magic town, soul mates, love, lynne st. james

Embracing Her Desires is the first book in the Anamchara Series.  It will be released in April and I’ll post the official blurb as soon as I have one.

This new series takes place in Anamchara, hidden deep within the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Book 1 is Hope, Cooper and Jase’s story.

Hope spent her entire life with one goal – to be a successful business woman at the top of her field.  But with a change of events and inheriting a home from a grandmother she never knew she wonders if maybe there is another option for her.

Jase and Cooper have known about Hope and have been waiting for their soul mate to arrive. Alpha males and werewolf shifters hasn’t made it easy to wait and when she finally arrives they can’t wait to make her theirs.  But when strange things start happening and danger seems to be following Hope, things get a lot more complicated for them all.

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