Wednesday Words with KD Jones

Katieran prime celebration, celebration, katieran prime, kd jones, author, jk publishing, sci fi, romance, sci-fi, Please join me in welcoming sci-fi romance author, KD Jones, to today’s Wednesday Words. I’m so excited to have her with us to talk with us about her Katieran Prime Series and the latest book, Katieran Prime Celebration.

KD and I talked about books and writing.  I learned some new things about her, and I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did chatting with KD.  Oh and as a very special surprise KD has offered to give away the complete set of the Katieran Prime series to one lucky commenter today!  So don’t forget to leave a comment.

The Interview:

Lynne St. James:  As an author, having your readers beg for more stories has to be an  amazing feeling!  But I’m curious, how did you get the initial idea for  the Katieran Prime series?
KD Jones:  I love reading.  Have always loved to read and to make up my own stories since I was a child. While in between reading books and waiting for new releases, I thought about what I would like to read about.  The answer was hot, sexy, aliens that growl when they are turned on.
Lynne:  Now that you’ve decided to continue with it, where do you see the  series going in the future?
KD:  There are now 3 alien planets that will have characters needing their stories told.  There will be an introduction to a new threat that will keep the momentum going.
Lynne:  I know this was your first series.  What prompted you to start writing?
KD:  I have been creating stories before I could write them down.  It was always a life long dream but I never thought that I could do it.  Then two years ago after my separation with my ex-husband, I said to myself, “Why not try.”  I did and loved it.  I felt for the first time in my life I was doing what I was always meant to do.
Lynne:  Do you have a specific writing process?  Do you plot out your books  or are you more of a go where the story tells you?
KD:  I am laughing right now because all the authors at JK Publishing Inc. know that I do not do anything without an outline.  It keeps me focused and even if things are moved around and changed, I know where my story is supposed to go.  If someone messed up my outline it would probably make my head explode.
Lynne:  When you read, do you read in your same genre, or something totally different?
KD:  I read a lot of different genres.  In between books I will sometimes pick a book outside of my genre to read because it kind of cleans the slate and prepares me for the next book I have to write.
Lynne:  If you could be any character in your books which one would it be, and why?
KD:  There are two characters that I love from my two different series but I admire them for the same reasons. One is Captain Jaxon Malone from the Katieran Prime Series and Zara from the Galactic Cage Fighter Series. Both are strong and independent women.  Maybe they are a little rough around the edges, but they have hearts of gold.  They will fight to the death to protect those they love.
Lynne:  Who is your favorite character you’ve written?
KD:  Zen from the last Galactic Cage Fighter book that I released.  He is proof that you cannot judge a book by its cover, which is funny because that is what we do as readers.  But Zen has a lot more to him and he is what I would look for in a man.
Lynne:  What are you working on now? Do you have any new series in the works?
KD:  I am working on the first book of a brand new series called Inter-Galactic Bounty Hunters.  It of course will have hot and sexy alien bounty hunters.  I am very excited about this new series and I hope my readers will enjoy it as well.
Lynne:  Is there any author who has influenced your or that you look up to  as a mentor?
KD:  My favorite all time authors are Christine Feehan, Laurann Dohner, and J.R. Ward.  I feel like these three authors have really helped show me the kind of writer I want to be.  Maybe one day I will inspire others too.
Lynne:  What makes Katieran Prime Celebration 7.5 so special?
KD:  Katieran Prime was my very first series that I published. It has been my baby. As a proud mama I have watched how the series has grown over the last two years. It is now in a new  place in the story and where many series with 7 books would normally  end, I am pleased to say that this one will be continuing on. I have  been blessed with great co-workers and equally fantastic and loyal fans. The 7.5 book was actually requested by my readers. First book I have ever done per request.

The Blurb:

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences.  Contains language and actions some may deem offensive.  Sexually explicit content.  MF

In book 7.5 of the Katieran Prime Series: It has been over a month since one of the Morin transport ships went through the wormhole.  Without the exact coordinates, it will take the Morins possibly months to locate Earth.  Earth is not ready to face this kind of threat, so the leaders of the four nations of Earth, Katiera, Kiljor, and the Colonial Planet begin to make their plans in a joint effort to eliminate the threat once and for all.

Along with the plans to handle the Morin threat, a celebration is being planned that will hopefully unit all four nations even more—the End of Year Celebration.  Though the celebration is not what the Katieran males are used to, they would do anything to please their bond mates.

Revisit Katiera and all the characters you have come to know and love.  See where they are now and what is happening in their lives.  Join in with their celebration.  Find out what is next for the alliance of nations.

Also as a special treat, the Katieran Culture Guide Book is included.

The Trailer:

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KD, I’d like to once again thank you for visiting today on Wednesday Words.  I’m really looking forward to reading all about the new planets and the new bounty hunter series.  Looks like my TBR pile is going to be growing by leaps and bounds!  And I’m sure your fans will join me in thanking you for writing  Katieran Prime 7.5.  Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win the complete Katieran Prime Series!

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17 responses to “Wednesday Words with KD Jones

  1. Debra Ann Fisk

    I love Sci Fi and this series sounds interesting!

  2. Diana Merritt

    Love reading the Q & A. Always like finding out what makes an author tick.

    • I love interacting with people every chance I get. I even responded to 3am IMs from readers because I couldn’t wait till later to let them know about something.

  3. Having only written in the erotica romance genra- I marvel at how other authors can create an entirely different world in the fantasy and futuristic genra. It amazes me. That’s just a whole new level of talent. Great write-up and interview ladies!

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  5. Janka Dustan

    I have not read any KD’s books yet, but they sound very interesting. I enjoyed the interview, get to know the writter a bit better. I dont normaly read books about aliens, but as long as they are hot, sexy and growl when turned on thats my type of book. 🙂

  6. Very interesting interview.. Looks like the series would be a great read!

  7. Haley Miller

    This sounds like a wonderful series! I am a huge fan of space stories and I am really looking forward to reading them! After reading your interview I am definitely checking out the Gage Fighter’s series as well! Thanks for sharing and I am excited to find a new author with what sounds like my kind of reading!

  8. ML Hill

    I’m late getting here today. But it was a great interview, ladies. I love the Katieran Prime Series and this book was one of my favorites because you get to catch up with some of your favorite characters. Looking forward to the new series too. And enjoying the Galactic Cage Fighters immensely.

  9. Awesome interview! Thank you for sharing with us! I can’t wait to see what the next books hold.

  10. And the winner of the Katieran Prime series is Craig! Congrats!!!! I’ll be sending you a message to get your information.

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