Wednesday Words with Bryce Evans

I’m so happy to introduce you to to author Bryce Evans this week. Bryce writes in the paranormal romance genre and currently has released five books with JK Publishing.

nominee, 2014 menage fan award, twice bitten and bewitched, lynne st. jamesThis week the 2014 nominees were announced for the Menage Romance Fan Awards and Bryce has been nominated.  She is so deserving and if you’d like to vote for her you can do so at Mary’s Ménage Whispers Blog.

And now, here’s a little about Bryce…

Bryce Evans, paranormal romance, paranormal, romance author, jk publishing

Her Life:

After working many years as a police officer, Bryce Evans needed another outlet in her life. Reading Fantasy was her passion but writing was her dream. Giving a once in a lifetime opportunity, Bryce sat down and wrote her first book.

The Trinity: The Ashland Pack was published in January 2013 and the beginning of a new career was born. You can always find some type of law enforcement aspect linked in her books where two of her passions continue to thrive inside of her stories.

Her Books:

Healing Their Mate, bryce evans, jk publishing, paranormal, shifters,

Healing Their Mate

River Channing is on the run from Vampire Paddock Reed.  Finding out that Vampires exist makes River doubt everything she knows in life. In order to stay one step ahead of the vampires, River must travel from one job to another to survive. Driving from state to state, River finds her way to Freedom, Colorado and gets a job at the Meadowland Lodge where she befriends the owners mate Ash Wilder. Being the Detective she is, Ash digs into River’s past and finds out that she is on the run from someone.  Finding a newspaper clipping in River’s pocketbook, Ash learns that women have been murdered and drained of all their blood.  Ash calls in some help from her Uncle, Vampire Reece Ramsey, and Alpha of the new shifter Unit Jonas Glenn.

One sniff of her scent and the Alpha’s know that River is their mate. When River finds out that the Lodge is owned and operated by the Wilder Pack, she wants to run again. Together they learn that River isn’t just human, but a Healer with magic that can cure the sick and heal the injured.  But can her Mates and new friends keep River safe from the vampires who want her blood or will she have to run to save them all.

once forgotten twice loved, forgotten, loved, bryce evans, jk pubishing

Once Forgotten Twice Loved

Ashland Peters is a Detective with the New York Police Department.  She is sent to a training class at the Meadowland Lodge in Colorado where her childhood friend Werewolf Nash Porters lives and works along with his pack.  They’ve been friends since they were six years old and sent to the same orphanage.  When they were old enough to leave on their own, Nash received what he had wanted his whole life and Ashland went to follow a dream.  Separated for years by distance they finally get the chance to see each when she is sent to the Colorado for training.

Once Ash arrives, she meets sexy werewolf Alpha Larken Wilder who owns the Meadowland Lodge.  From the moment Larken sees Ash, he knows she is his mate.  However, problems seem to follow Ash and it turns out no different in Colorado, when the Sheriff has a problem with his brother’s mate.  It’s the Alpha’s only chance for happiness, but Ash doesn’t know if she is right for the man, she doesn’t want to come between him and his brother.

When young girls are kidnapped from the neighboring packs, Ash’s help is needed.  Ash finds herself working with not one Alpha but with a team of them, if they are to save the young girls from a Rogue wolf and his pack.  As they solve the mystery, Ash finds answers to questions she’s had her whole life.

Her Contact Info:

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4 responses to “Wednesday Words with Bryce Evans

  1. Tracey

    The book sounds great!

  2. I think you’ll love it, Tracey! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by today.

  3. John DeMell

    Lynne are you from Ohio?

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