Looking for Something New to Read?

Did you get a new e-reader for Christmas?  Or maybe you got a gift card or two and you’re looking for some new books or authors.  In this post I will highlight some of my favorite authors and share their latest book info.  It is the start of a new series for this blog of favorite authors…so stop by often to see more recommendations.  If you have suggestions please add them to the comments so we can all check them out too!

irresistibly delicious, debra ann fiskDebra Ann Fisk – Irresistibly Delicious
One feisty Southern chef. One sexy city doctor. One thousand miles apart. Trauma draws them together, but will circumstances pull them apart?  Will a headstrong surgeon and a gourmet chef learn to accept love? Or will they choose professional success with a side order of loneliness?

a special gift, alice brownAlice Brown – A Special Gift
Welcome back some of your favorite characters and meet new ones as this special vampire community continues to grow.  Join in as a community bands together when everything they know is destroyed, and their very way of life threatened, leaving them to stand united with the fight to rebuild what they once had.

Hammer, KD JonesKD Jones – Hammer (Galactic Cage Fighter 5)
In book five of Galactic Cage Fighters: The Sledge Hammer is one tough, mean, and very huge fighter for the Galactic Cage Fighters Association. He doesn’t take crap from anyone and if a person makes the mistake of pissing him off, they pay for it—painfully. He prides himself on being able to handle any kind of situation that arises. He is unafraid of anyone or anything—well except for the kids. Will Molly be able to ignore her growing attraction to the enormous fighter?  Will Hammer be able to keep his relationship with Molly strictly business?  And will either of them survive the kids?

Bloodbond Prophecy, Elle Saint JamesElle Saint James – Bloodbond Prophecy
Librarian, Madelyn Walters, never expected to marry, until she fell instantly in love with two new Spellbound, North Dakota residents, Kade Torrente and Herrick Valais. They are shape-shifters, and she’s their mate. Unfortunately, she’s also cursed. They want Madelyn with a desperation they refuse to relinquish. She fights the temptation of their bloodbond ceremony to mate forever, insisting she can’t marry them or terrible things will happen.

Secrets on the Sand, Roxanne St. ClaireRoxanne St. Claire – Secrets On The Sand
Roxanne St. Claire has been enchanting readers with stories set on an idyllic slice of paradise off the coast of Florida known as Barefoot Bay for two years.  In the first Barefoot Bay series, four friends joined forces to build and run a high-end resort and spa and, in the process, found life-long love.

I Waited for You, Lynn Ray LewisLynn Ray Lewis – I Waited for You
In book one of the Guardians: Julie Nelson was a writer with a vivid imagination, but even her fertile mind would never dream up finding a lost soul on a wintery night.  Who could have thought that saving a life would lead her back into her past—a past which puts her on course to her future.

Out of the Storm, Avery GaleAvery Gale – Out of the Storm
In book one of Masters of the Prairie Winds Club: Tobi Stobel’s life is a never-ending string of disasters interrupted by an occasional bit of chaos.  The small magazine she works for is looking for any excuse to trim their staff and Tobi is next on the list unless she can land the interview with the sexy owners of Texas’s newest and hottest BDSM club.  After a chance encounter with their mother, the interview is scheduled and Tobi is sure fate must have been on a break.  With her job hanging in the balance, the little blonde bundle of energy isn’t about to let a little thing like a thunderstorm stand in her way.

dominated by two leopards, Tara RoseTara Rose – Dominated by Two Leopards
Jaguar shifter Nadine Richardson becomes a submissive to leopards and Doms, Austin and Galatyn Meliadus, who came to Jargonian village from Arizona to help her grandfather, Gary, in the quest to rid the shape-shifting world of the League of Exitium. She knows her time with them is limited, but she can’t help falling in love with both alphas.

Love Served Hot, Mellanie SzeretoMellanie Szereto – Love Served Hot
Lilith Montgomery must hire a chef for the new restaurant. She’s interviewed several candidates, but instantly decides on the sexy Irishman whose culinary creations give her foodgasms. Her rotten luck with relationships makes her determined to resist her attraction to him, even if it means sneaking into the kitchen at night for a taste of his delectable entrées.

somebody's angel, kallypso mastersKallypso  Masters Somebody’s Angel
When Marc d’Alessio first rescued the curvaceous and spirited Italian Angelina Giardano at the Masters at Arms Club, he never expected her to turn his safe, controlled life upside down and pull at his long-broken heartstrings. Months later, the intense fire of their attraction still rages, but something holds him back from committing to her completely. Worse, secrets and memories from his past join forces to further complicate his relationships with family, friends, and his beautiful angel.

And if you’re looking for something of mine to read, you can check out my latest – Twice Bitten and Bewitched – the third book in my Vampires of Eternity Series.

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