What’s on your Thanksgiving menu?

jello, jello mold, strawberry jello mold, holiday foods, thanksgiving, Jell-O, lynne st. jamesWith Thanksgiving only a week away I’m sure most of us are finalizing our menus, or at least what we’re bringing when we visit.  I try to make something out of the ordinary every year for all of the holidays.  Yes I make all the traditional favorites, but I try to have one “surprise.”

This Thanksgiving I’m making a pecan pie along with my pumpkin pie instead of the traditional apple pie.  I haven’t made one in years and years so I figured why not. But if I had more people coming for dinner I would definitely be making this Strawberry Jell-O mold.  It is delicious and everyone always asks for the recipe.

So who wants to come for Christmas dinner so I can make the mold?  No?  Okay, how about I just share the recipe here.  It is yummy with strawberries, pineapple, bananas, nuts and a sour cream filling.  Maybe y’all can make it for your Thanksgiving feast.

So what are some of your Thanksgiving traditions or non-traditional menu items?

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