T-10 Days and Counting…A Mother/Daughter Dance

sarah, daughter, bride-to-be, bride, bridal shower, lynne st. jamesMy daughter has asked me to help her pick a song for us to dance to at her wedding.  It’s a relatively new thing I think – a Mother/Daughter dance.  While I’m really looking forward to the dance, trying to pick one song is very difficult. So where do I start with the song?  “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” has sort of become the “theme song” for the three dudettes as my two daughters and I have called ourselves, and I’m sure the three of us will dance to that at some point during the reception.  But I need to find THE one special song.

I’ve been listening to different songs on YouTube and I’ve been searching on Google for suggestions.  There are some really good ones out there, but there’s a problem.  They all make me cry!  Everyone of them brings back memories of my little girl and all we’ve been through up to this point in her life.  It wasn’t always easy but then whose life is?

Anyway here are some of the options we’re thinking about. If you have others or comments about any of these, please share!  WARNING: You will need a box of tissues.



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8 responses to “T-10 Days and Counting…A Mother/Daughter Dance

  1. Elizabeth

    I love the Lee Ann Womack one because of the positive message it sends to embrace life and enjoy it. My daughter and I used to dance to it together in our living room. Brings back happy memories. Good luck with this decision.

  2. Kim Muhl

    These are all great choices. What about Martina McBride’s, In My Daughter’s Eyes? That inr makes me tear up whenever I hear it.

  3. Debra Ann Fisk

    I like the first two. It’s so hard to decide.

  4. i hope you dance or because you loved me

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