October Already?

apple, apple pie, homemade, baking, pie, desserts, lynne st. james, twice bitten and bewitchedFall has always been my favorite season.  When my girls  were younger and we lived far north of Florida, I used to take them apple and pumpkin picking, we’d go for hay rides, trick-or-treating, and we’d bake a lot–a whole lot.

Homemade apple sauce and apple butter, cookies, bread, apple sauce, muffins, you name it and we probably baked it.  Once October came the house was always filled with aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, apples and pumpkins. All the flavors that heralded the coming winter months. There was nothing like it!

autumn, fall, leaves, woods, colors, fall foliage, lynne st. james, twice bitten and bewitchedAutumn is different for me now. In Florida October is still warm, the leaves don’t change (well not until January), we can still get hurricanes, and you actually need to carry a bottle of water with you when you go trick-or-treating!  That was a learning curve our first year here, for sure!

In a few weeks though I’ll be up north, well more north than here, for my daughter’s wedding. It’s going to be a wonderful time and full of happiness, but I am also looking forward to the autumn  weather, and hopefully if I’m lucky, I’ll even see some beautiful fall foliage.

Before we know it Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then New Years will be here.  I remember as a child hearing my parents say that the older they got the faster the years went.  I also remember thinking I wish the school year would go a lot faster.  *grins*  Of course, now that I am “older” I have to agree, the years do seem to fly by.

This year I’m going to try to slow it down a bit.  Savor the memories of this month, the scents in the air, the colors, the happiness,  and the changes…

How about you?  What’s your favorite season?  What are some of your fondest memories?


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2 responses to “October Already?

  1. Debra Ann Fisk

    I remember the first time I went trick or treating with my son in Florida. The candy started to melt and you had to watch out for mosquitoes,
    something I didn’t have to worry about in New Jersey.

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