T-29 Days and Counting…

daughters, golden retriever, dog, girl, children, daughter, love, family, happiness, lynne st. james My youngest daughter is getting married in October. It’s an exciting time in all of our lives. Just about three years ago my oldest daughter tied the knot, and I’m still trying to figure out when they grew up? Where has the time gone? barbie dolls, barbie, daughters, play, dolls, girls, children, fun, dress up, singing, happiness, lynne st. jamesYesterday they were just little bitty girls running around playing dress up, with Barbie dolls, and putting on shows for me singing selections from the Spice Girls and the movie, Titanic.

wedding, shoes, bouquet, bridal bouquet, weddings, elegant, formal, daughters, love, marriage, forever, lynne st. jamesBoth of the girls did most of their own wedding planning. I’ve loved helping where I could, but they are both out of state so it made that a little difficult at times. They have very different styles and their weddings helped to showcase their individuality. daughters, children, girl, daughter, child, love, grown-up, growing up, fun, sisters, love, lynne st. jamesMy oldest – she had a fairy princess wedding, lots of sparkles, elegance and sophistication. My youngest – her favorite holiday is Halloween, and that will be her theme. The invites even went out with “costumes encouraged.”

dance, tap, ballet, daughters, sisters, girls, girl, costumes, dress up, little girls, prescious, love, recital, lynne st. jamesAfter going through all the planning and shopping – the “say yes to the dress,” bridal shower planning and execution, and assorted other tasks that needed to be done, there is one thing that has become very apparent. It doesn’t matter how big or small a wedding is, the stress will be almost overwhelming to the bride!

I thank God that both of my daughters are starting out their married lives with men who are kind, supportive and loving. If it hadn’t been for their support throughout I’m sure each of them would have had meltdowns or maybe just eloped! Hmm that sure would have been cheaper, but I digress…

wedding, wedding cake, bride, daughter, love, special, nighttime, formal wedding, elegant, lynne st. jamesNow that we are getting down to the wire, only twenty-nine days to go, there are lots of little things still on the list. One of the biggest will be the seating chart – I think that has to be every bride’s nightmare! But she’ll get through it and I’ll help where I can, even if it’s only virtually.

sisters, daughters, sister, love, happiness, children, child, little girls, prescious, lynne st. jamesI know she can’t wait for the day which will pass by in a blur. Thankfully we always have pictures to help remind us of all the special moments. Me, well as much as I’m looking forward to her special day, I’m already a bit teary-eyed at the prospect. I don’t have little girls anymore, only adult daughters – but they have both made me so proud.

Do you have any wedding woes or fun things to share? Any hints or tricks to help with the stress? Wonderful things that you did to make your wedding memorable?


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2 responses to “T-29 Days and Counting…

  1. Susan Leitz

    I am currently at 22 days and counting until my youngest daughters wedding! Talk about stress! I am not there (in the States) to help with the preparations, calm nerves, or lend support of any kind, and that hurts. She has a really neat website set up at http://www.mywedding.com which is extremely helpful in letting me know how things are going, who is attending, etc…She is having a somewhat laid-back-low-key wedding, which suits the couple completely, but does not reduce the stress! I am having a hard time pulling things together enough for me to get from Belgium to Chicago in time for this special event, so I have my very own stresses that I’m dealing with. I honestly can’t wait until it’s over and the happy couple are on the honeymoon!!!

    • Oh man, Susan, I can totally understand. I can’t even imagine being that far away! Congratulations though on the upcoming wedding! The website is a really good idea too, I wish we’d thought of that. But we did make a Pinterest board that both of my daughters and I happily pinned with tons of ideas.

      You’ll have to let me know how the wedding goes. I wish you and your family all the best.

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