One of those days

McDonalds, Happy  Meal, French fries, fries, hamburger, McDonalds Happy Meal, marbles, screws, games, brain, work, focus, lynne st. james, twice bitten to paradiseEver have one of those days when you’re just a few fries short of a happy meal? Or maybe a few marbles have worked their way loose? Or screws for that matter?

I’ve noticed that when I put most of my focus into one or two things, usually a work project and the current book I’m writing, other things in my brain seem to come loose. Hence the missing French fries, screws and marbles.

coffee, nectar of the gods, delicious

Image courtesy of Louise Vansleve – thesparechangekitchen

I haven’t found a cure for this, although coffee does help – of course! I mean when doesn’t coffee help?

Do any of you have similar experiences? What do you do to put your fries back?

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